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Ringo has been conceived to streamline the sync eco-system, saving time, creative energy, and money. We’re constructing an improved process for buying and selling commercial music for moving images.

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A Ringo Song Report™ provides you with all of a song’s sync-specific metadata, including price indications, copyright owner and representative information, sync history, artist and song marketing metrics, track assets, and much more.

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We believe licensing music for moving images should be accessible and
do-able for all

We are an early-stage start-up founded by Marcel Alexander Wiebenga and Nicholas van den Doel, two former music-for-advertising executives.

We found that the current process of licensing music for moving images is highly complicated due to a lack of structured data.

As a result, opportunities for both vendors representing music talent and those looking to acquire the perfect track for a movie scene, an advertising campaign, or a student film are being missed.

We believe licensing music for moving images should be accessible and doable for all. We aim to make the process easier, faster, safer, and more efficient with Ringo by functioning as the world’s first independent sync metadata access point.

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